Indoor Training Suspended from 16/03/20 - Kardale

Indoor Training Suspended from 16/03/20

After much discussion over this weekend the committee has decided to suspend all of our training sessions to the end of the season. This will take effect from today.

In reality we are stopping two weeks earlier than we had planned, but we feel with the ever increasing numbers of people infected and possibly carrying the virus we need to minimise the risk to all our players, coaches  and volunteers especially as all of our training is in an indoor setting.

We are keeping the dates booked for the outdoor sessions, and we will assess this nearer the time as to whether they go ahead or not.

Finally we just want to say  that as a club we have had the health and well being of every single member of club at the forefront of our minds when making this decision.

Please feel free to come back to us if you have any questions.